Post Doctoral Program

Post Doctoral Program Details

Attracting the best postdoctoral Scientists to a vibrant research environment NCCS has a vibrant program for researchers who have a PhD degree. We seek to enhance this program substantially. The purpose of the research program is to bring the best young scientists to a stimulating intellectual environment where the best facilities are available. We expect that this will result in excellent science and the opportunity for maturing to move on to independent positions in the best places in India and abroad. There are several funding modes for these postdoctoral programs. These programs do not lead to a continuing appointment and have a fixed maximum term. Applicants will be expected to identify a host laboratory and submit a preliminary application written in conjunction with the host faculty member. Appointments on all funding modes – regardless of the source of support – will be renewed on a yearly basis and will be contingent on continued support by the host laboratory at NCCS. Renewals will be recommended on the basis of Annual Work Report provided by the Fellow and recommended by the host faculty member. If a Fellow’s performance does not meet the scientific standards at NCCS, the institute reserves the right to end the fellow’s appointment regardless of the source of funding.

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