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Hands-on Training Workshop on Basic Cell Culture Technology, June 10 - 13, 2024.....DETAILS


w.e.f. January 1, 2024 Cell Line Handling Charges are revised as follows:
For non-profit organizations: Rs 4000 +18% GST per cell line per flask
For others: Rs 10000+18% GST per cell line per flask


General Information about the Cell Repository

NCCS has been functioning as a National Repository for cell lines in India since its inception in 1986. Cell Repository manages the expansion, cryopreservation and distribution of cell lines to researchers in academia and government as well as private research institutions and industrial establishments in India.

The activities of Cell Repository include:

Cell Line Supply Cell line Authentication Mycoplasma Testing Cell Line Deposition Training




Cell Lines and Process of Supply




Stock of Cell Cultures available for Supply
You can obtain detailed enquiry about cell lines at following address :
Contact Phone Numbers : 020-25708248/8268
Cell Lines are supplied only to registered users for research purpose only.



Registration Form & Agreement*
(*To be filled in by users only once, prior to procurement of cell lines from NCCS for the first time)

Click Here for Registration and Agreement Form

Cell lines are distributed to qualified investigators for use in their research. The investigator is asked to sign an agreement stating that:

  • The cell line(s) provided are for research purposes only.
  • The cells and their products shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes.
  • The cells shall not be distributed further for any purpose without the approval of NCCS.
  • The investigator accepts responsibility for any injury, damage or loss that arises from the use of the cells or their progeny, without holding the original depositor or the present supplier (NCCS) responsible for the damage stated.

Kindly email the scanned copy of duly completed registration and agreement form to curator@nccs.res.in


Click here for Cell Line Requisition form

  • First-time users are required to register before procuring cell line(s).
  • Registered users should email the scanned copy of duly completed cell line requisition form to curator@nccs.res.in accompanied by advance payment before procuring cell line(s).
  • (For details kindly refer to handling charges mentioned below.)
  • It is necessary to provide us with your complete postal address with pin code, contact telephone no. and email address.
  • Growing cells in T flasks are sent either by courier or speed post.
  • The cell cultures will be dispatched within four to six weeks after receipt of your requisition letter at NCCS.
  • Cash payments are to be made in advance at NCCS in person during submission of cell line requisition form.



The cell lines are not for sale and there are no charges for the cell cultures.
However, handling charges are levied per culture towards packaging, transportation, etc. as follows:
For non-profit organizations: Rs 4000/- per cell line,per flask + 18% GST*
For others: Rs 10,000/- per cell line, per flask + 18% GST*

*Additional charges for GST @18% will be applicable to all.

The charges should be remitted in advance through one of the following means:

a) Electronic money transfer to the below-mentioned account:

Account Name : Director, NCCS
Name of the bank : State Bank of India
Branch Address : NCL Campus Branch, Dr.Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan, Pune-411008
Saving A/c No. : 33794408771
IFSCode : SBIN0003552
Swift Code : SBININBB218

Kindly email scanned copy of the online transaction receipt and the duly completed cell line requisition form to curator@nccs.res.in 

Hard copy of the same need not be sent.

b) In Cash :

Cash payments are to be made in advance at NCCS in person during submission of cell line requisition form.

We discourage sending Demand Drafts and Multi-city at par cheques due to postal delays or losses.



Cultures are supplied as growing cell cultures in T-flasks. The recommended procedure for handling the cultures aseptically under sterile conditions upon receipt is given below:

Monolayer Adherent Cultures:

The flask is seeded and completely filled with *transport medium to prevent loss of cell viability in transit. Upon receipt, remove most of the medium, except for a sufficient volume to cover the floor of the flask [5-10 ml]. Augment with serum to the required level of supplementation [10% serum]. Incubate at 37oC until confluency is reached.
Sometimes in transit, the cultures may be handled roughly and most of the cells may become detached and float in the culture medium. If this has occurred, remove the entire contents of the flask and centrifuge at 1000 rpm for 10 minutes. Draw off the excess supernatant medium, resuspend the cells in 10 ml of the culture medium with 10% serum and seed the entire cell suspension in a single flask of suitable size (25 cm2).

Suspension Cultures:

The culture flasks have been completely filled with *transport medium for shipment. Remove the entire contents of the flask and centrifuge at 1000 rpm for 10 mins. Resuspend the cell pellet in complete medium as suggested under the subculture procedure described above.

*For transport medium, serum supplementation is at a level of 2% only.



Training has always been an integral part if the services offered by NCCS. Every year, a one-week training workshop in basic cell culture techniques is conducted by the institute, which is availed of by students, researchers and scientific staff from Universities and research institutions.



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