Cell Repository

Cell Line Deposition



We are functioning as a National Repository for cell lines in India for over 3 decades. NCCS Cell Repository manages the expansion, cryopreservation and distribution of cell lines to researchers in academia and government as well as other research institutions across India. We have supplied more than 50,000 cell cultures to approximately 490 organizations in the country.

Our collection includes a wide range of continuous cell lines from different species which can be procured. Our activity is totally funded by Government of India. Most of our users are scientists, researchers in Universities and students pursuing Ph.D. degree. We have a well-established set-up for quality control of cell lines which include authentication of human cell lines using Short Tandem Repeat analysis and Mycoplasma Testing.

Scientists in esteemed organizations may have indigenously developed or modified cell lines for research purpose. We encourage scientists to kindly deposit their indigenously developed or modified cell lines cell lines in the National Cell Repository. The cell lines would undergo testing for quality control and accepted after completion of all due procedures including submission of relevant publications and material transfer agreement (MTA). The cell lines would be securely deposited, maintained and subsequently supplied to various researchers across the country as per their demand and signing of MTA, if any.


For any further query, kindly contact us at curator@nccs.res.in or punam@nccs.res.in

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