AMR Repository

Anti-microbial drug resistance (AMR) is a global as well as national priority subject matter undergoing research and development. A large, well-documented and authentic collection of AMR microorganisms (Bacteria and Fungi) is an asset of a nation which will help augment science in many fields, like human and animal health, research and development. National Centre for Microbial Resource (NCMR) at National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune has been designated by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India as the National AMR Repository with the responsibility to collect, authenticate, document, preserve and distribute AMR strains to promote research and development in allied fields. Researchers and/or microbiologists dealing with AMR, for instance in human and animal health, agriculture, industry and research institutes are encouraged to deposit these microorganisms in NCCS-NCMR for their maintenance/long term preservation and  to promote access to advance research through appropriate agreements

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