About Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) - BIACORE T200

  • A versatile system for high-quality characterization of molecular interactions ranging from ions to viruses.
  • Capable of reliable ligand-binding assays, even for the most complex biologics.




User charges for BIAcore T200 facility for outsiders

Interaction -Binding/Kinetics (7 - 8 concentrations of single sample)
For Academic users - Rs. 4000 + 18% GST
For Non-Academic users - Rs. 7500 + 18% GST

- Chip costs have to be borne separately by the users.
- Cost may vary depending on nature of chip as consumable items may change with respect to the chip used.
- Success of the experiment and analysis depend on the purity of ligand and analyte.

  • Expert consultation is provided through the Facility In-Charge and our technical specialists.
  • Confocal microscopes are selected for complementary functions.
  • Equipment use is accessible through dedicated technicians / operators.
  • All services are provided on chargeable basis.
  • Assistance with data analysis can be customized to the needs of individual investigators and research projects.
  • Image manipulation and enhancement using Photoshop, ImageJ, Fiji, Matlab and Cell Profiler, IrfanView.
  • Assistance in image and data analysis related to morphometrics, particle counting, particle tracking, numeric analysis, statistical analysis, etc.
  • Data backup and archiving.


Requisition form for the users can be downloaded here:

Requisition form

Other Information





  • Kinetics/affinity characterization
  • Kinetics/affinity screening
  • Single-cycle kinetics
  • LMW interaction analysis
  • Fragment screening
  • Epitope mapping
  • Immunogenicity & concentration analysis
  • Calibration-free concentration analysis
  • Thermodynamics, comparability
  • Sample recovery MS


  • Expert consultation and service by technical specialist.
  • Assistance with Biacore T200 software for reliable kinetic analysis.
  • Conducts regular training programs to develop skilled manpower.


Dr. Radha Chauhan, Scientist F

Contact Information


SPR Facility In-Charge:
Dr. Radha Chauhan, Scientist F





SPR Facility is situated in the FACS Core Facility, 
National Centre for Cell Science, 
NCCS Complex, P.B. No. 40, Ganeshkhind Post, 
S. P. Pune University Campus, 
PUNE – 411 007, 
Maharashtra State, India. 
Fax: +91-20-2569 2259 
Directions to SPR Facility: Situated in NCCS New Building above Library (2nd Floor)

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