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Experimental Animal Facility

The Experimental Animal Facility is a core scientific department of the Institute with an objective to breed, maintain and supply quality laboratory animals for research and development. The facility is registered with the 'Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals' (CPCSEA) and operates in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Committee. It is a barrier-maintained facility for the breeding, maintenance of small laboratory animals viz. inbred and mutant mice, rats, rabbits etc. for the ongoing research projects of the Institute. The section also extends complete research and technical support to facilitate animal experimentation in the Institute.


  • Mr. Mahemud L. Shaikh Technical Officer B
  • Mr. Prakash T. Shelke Technical Officer A
  • Ms. Vaishali S. Bajare Technical Officer A
  • Mr. Abulkalam L. Inamdar Technical Officer A
  • Mr. Mahavir S. Rangole Technician C
  • Mr. Rahul B. Kavitke Technician B
  • Mr. Ganesh B. Yadav Technician B
  • Mr. Dilip B.Thorat Office Assistant B
  • Mr. Sanjay A. Gade Helper A
  • Mr. Harshal G. Gaonkar Helper A

Experimental Animal Facility


Defined barrier practices are followed in the maintenance of the laboratory animals.

The breeding program for the propagation of the inbred mice is based on the established principles of genetics and breeding and is planned and executed to meet the needs of Scientists of the Institute for the conduct of animal experiments. The breeding program involving mutant mice is structured as per the genetic requirement of the specific strain concerned.

The total number of mice strains, inbred, outbred, and mutant and hybrids, being maintained at the Experimental Animal Facility stands at 51. The foundation/nuclear colonies of mice are housed in Individually Ventilated Caging systems.

Complete scientific support and advice is extended regularly to Scientists and their group members for the conduct of experiments under IAEC approved projects.

The facility conducts training/course work for the research fellows of the Institute in the area of Laboratory Animal Experimentation and Ethics.

NCCS adheres to the Act and Rules formulated and amended from time to time by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India. Further Details can be obtained here

Dr. B. Ramanamurthy, Scientist G, In-charge, Dr. Rahul Bankar, Scientist E

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Contact : 020-25708189

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